Setting a new standard for extending the life and performance of wear liners.

In a world first, newGen can now offer graphene-enhanced wear liners for the mining and processing industries, that clearly outperform traditional applications.

Download the ArmourGRAPH™ Fact Sheet (PDF)

ArmourGRAPH™ newGen developed wear liner product that is enhanced with PureGRAPH™ graphene.

ArmourGRAPH™ wear liners demonstrate typical tensile strength improvements of <30% and abrasion resistance improvement of ~100%.

ArmourGRAPH™ key benefits.

  • Enhanced Wear & Tear Resistance
  • Fire Retardant characteristics
  • Flow Promotion properties (lowered coefficient of friction)
  • Barrier against chemical conditions
  • Heat dispersion

The applications for ArmourGRAPH include Reclaimer Bucket Liners, Pipe Spooling, Screen Media, Chute Lining and Conveyor Applications.

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